Mongolian Grand Tour 2024


21 days \ 3,200kms \ countless memories


  • motorbike (shineray 150cc mustang \ pictured) – with waterproof panniers, usb charger
  • camping gear – tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, inflatable pillow
  • accomodation – hotels, guesthouses, ger camps, private campsites etc
  • meals – breakfast , lunch , dinner whilst on tour. (one meal per person, per meal stop provided. (alcohol NOT included)
  • entrance fees into national parks
  • khovsgol lake boat tour
  • hot springs
  • all museum entries
  • guide
  • fuel
  • taxis / transport on tour


  • alcohol
  • flights
  • visas
  • accomodation prior or after the set tour dates
  • transfers around Mongolia besides when on tour with the group
  • damage / recovery / servicing of bike or gear (must be repaired or replaced at own expense) so pick your bike wisely, check it over thoroughly.
  • riding clothes and gear for touring
  • personal / travel insurance
  • personal items


25\5\2024 –>  14\6\2024

PS – FOR DIRECT BANK TRANSFER – ADD TO CART, THEN VIEW CART. ALSO ACCEPTS PAYPAL, GOOGLE PAY AND CREDIT CARD. Upon booking / payment I will contact you directly, and you will be emailed a rider pack containing full details and information about the tour.

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**Mongolia: A Journey into Vastness**

As you embark on a 21 day journey through the heart of Mongolia, you are about to discover a land that defies expectations, a country where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with the vastness of untouched landscapes. From the vibrant capital city of Ulaanbaatar to the serene shores of Khövsgöl Lake and the mesmerizing dunes of the Gobi Desert, each destination is a chapter in the epic tale of Mongolia. Here are some of the highlights to expect on this epic adventure ride.

**Ulaanbaatar: The Cultural Nexus**

*Your adventure begins in Ulaanbaatar, where the juxtaposition of modernity and tradition sets the stage for your Mongolian odyssey. Wander through the Gandan Monastery, where the scent of burning incense mingles with the echoes of ancient chants. At the National Museum of Mongolia, trace the footsteps of Genghis Khan and delve into the nation’s rich history.*

**Khövsgöl Lake: The Dark Blue Pearl**

*Journey north to Khövsgöl Lake, a sapphire jewel cradled in the mountains. As you traverse the shores, the air is filled with the symphony of nature – the lapping of waves, the whispering wind, and the calls of migratory birds. Camp under a blanket of stars, and witness the ethereal reflection of moonlight on the lake’s surface.*

**Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park: Volcanic Reserve**

*In the heart of Mongolia, Khorgo Volcano and Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur beckon with their otherworldly beauty. Ascend the volcanic slopes for panoramic views, and camp by the shores of the White Lake. Here, nature’s drama unfolds against a canvas of ancient lava flows and azure waters.*

**Gobi Desert: A Mirage of Contrasts**

*As you venture south into the Gobi Desert, the landscape shifts dramatically. The Flaming Cliffs reveal a prehistoric canvas, where dinosaur fossils lay embedded in the fiery-red earth. Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park is a realm of contrasts, where the frozen Yol Valley harbors an ice field in the heart of the desert, a testament to nature’s resilience.*

**Yol Valley and Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes: Echoes of the Ancients**

*Discover the secrets of Yol Valley, a sanctuary for wildlife nestled between towering cliffs. Journey further to Khongoryn Els, where the winds sculpt the world’s largest sand dunes. The vastness of the Gobi unfolds before you, and as you traverse the dunes on camelback, the whispers of the ancient Silk Road come alive.*

This is a classic adventure ride in one of the last bastions of free and open country that exists on the planet. Mounted on our trusty local “shineray 150cc bikes” (that can be fixed easily anywhere by the local nomad families) and loaded with basic camping gear we will adventure across a variety of different landscapes. It is a ride for intermediate to advanced riders who are familiar to touring, riding poor roads, dirt tracks, mud and potentially deep river crossings. NOT FOR BEGINNERS SORRY.

This is not a tour with a strict itinerary, and while I do have a specific route and planed GPX mapped out (sent out in the rider packs after booking with all the details you will need). I’ve ridden this country solo, the plan and route can and is likely to change dramatically based on weather and conditions we cross along the way because of environmental factors beyond our control as a group, but we are prepared for anything and will tackle challenges together as a group. We will have a combination of different sleeping arrangements (hotels, gers, camping, guesthouses etc) that may vary from great to very basic or uncomfortable occasionally and there is no guarantee you’ll have the option for single occupancy either, so we’ll bunk up ( typically 2 people to a tent or ger which are quite comfortable) as good friends and look out for eachother on this amazing experience. Bring your sense of adventure, pack light and come explore one of my favourite places on the planet.